Our new name: Cloud Grove (Plus: Development Progress)

We’ve decided to name the game we are working on “Cloud Grove”.

First of let me answer the question: Why change the name at all?

There was this helpful article from another indie development team about the problems they went through naming their game. They had named their game “Grey”, which had lots of problematic repercussions. It made it almost impossible to find online or on Youtube, and so people couldn’t find and play the game.

The name for our original prototype, Sky Garden, has similar problems. First, there’a already a game out of Vietnam that’s called Sky Garden. Second, there are lots of other products online called Sky Garden, such as physical gardens you can grow on your rooftop.

We picked Cloud Grove as the new name because it’s:

  • Simple wording and easy to remember
  • Not many syllables or letters
  • Unique – no other products or names out there (right now at least!)
  • Conveys the feeling we are going for – a grove of trees up in the clouds

Name changes always take some getting used to, but we are excited about it.

Development Update

Our programmer Ben has been working hard to pull the game together. We’ve gotten the basic game made where you can play through a few levels, clicking on trees and winning or losing like the prototype. There’s no effects yet and we haven’t implemented all of the blocks, but you can play it!

DevProgress1 DevProgress2

One thing you’ll notice is the move counter. I’ve decided to add this in order to simplify the play mechanics. The prototype had a shovel on some levels that you could use to break dirt, and ice that you could break without moving forward. One design direction could have been to add more of these – different items you could use on different levels, pickaxes, watering cans, etc. However after a lot of thought I decided it would become too complicated and too much to keep track of.

I liked the simplicity of just having the board in front of you and the board itself is your toolbox that you have to use. So for that reason I removed the shovel and added a move counter to compensate (otherwise you’d just be able to click away every single grass block). This also results in the shovel being converted into a breakable dirt block, which I can talk more about later.

More soon!

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